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24 Aug 2014
Vienna International Garden Show 1964 Retrospective
Donaupark Tower
Richard Stiles
50 years ago the opening of the Vienna International Garden Show (Wiener Internationale Gartenausstellung, WIG 1964) was celebrated in todays’ Donaupark in Viennas 22nd district.
Urban Wildlife
23 Aug 2014
Wild bees enjoy the urban lifestyle?
Urban beekeeping London
Richard Stiles / CC BY
Urban areas present an attractive habitat for wild bees, according to a research project carried out in France, and reported on the BBC web site.
Urban Public Space
22 Aug 2014
Public space photo exhibition about public space event
Street Delivery photo exhibition vernisage
Maria Bostenaru / CC BY
There is a follow up of the Street Delivery event this year, which also featured international participation: the association Bucurestiul meu drag (My beloved Bucharest) organsied a photo exhibition o
[
Memorial Landscapes
21 Aug 2014
Carol park and the anniversary significance of 2014
Carol I park in Bucharest
Maria Bostenaru / CC BY
Carol park in Bucharest was designed as an exhibition in 1906. The exhibition is now only virtually reconstructed, but a park took shape in its place, featuring a memorial of the war heroes of 1877, v
[
Urban Quality of Life
21 Aug 2014
Garden Cities Resurrected
Garden cities are once again being promoted as a remedy to Britain’s ongoing housing shortage
Protected Landscapes
21 Aug 2014
Turkey’s top administrative court confirms demolition of Istanbul skyscrapers
Will Istanbul's historic skyline be protected from further high rise?
Landscape News | Europe
31 Jul 2014
London plans for 2050
London is forecast to expand from 7.5 million to 11 million. The London Infrastructure Plan 2050 is the first attempt to set out the full range of infrastructure requirements for the capital over the
[
30 Jul 2014
Master in Landscape Architecture, Barcelona
29 Jul 2014
International Ideas Competition
BIA Urban Regeneration Forum “Cantalojas Railway Cutting” in Bilbao
29 Jul 2014
Call for Entries: 2015 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage
Europa Nostra Awards – Deadline 15/10/2014
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Technische Universität München   Symposium: Planting Design in Landscape Architecture
20. Oct - 21. Oct
Freising, DE

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