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18 Sep 2014
New Austrian Climate Report Published
Grossglockner Region 01
Richard Stiles / CC BY
According to the new report by the Austrian Panel on Climate Change, the average temperature in Austria has already risen by two degrees since 1880.
17 Sep 2014
Taksim Square debate continues
Taksim Square, Istanbul,
Robert Holden
The Turkish Chamber of Architects and the Chamber of Urban Planners have criticised plans to decorate Istanbul’s Taksim Square with ponds, small groups of trees and benches.
15 Sep 2014
London to build £4.2 billion super sewer
River Thames looking westward from Westminster Bridge,_London-17Aug2009.jpg
Ian Byatt, a previous director general of water regulator Ofwat, accused the government of failing to investigate cheaper alternatives to the Thames Tideway super sewer.
12 Sep 2014
Artistic trail, Nantes, France
Since few years, the City of Nantes in France has been organising geographic urban trails through various interventions by contemporary artists in Nantes’ hidden corners and urban landscapes.
[
12 Sep 2014
French Photo contest « Mon paysage au quotidien » (My daily landscape)
Everyday French landscapes as perceived by its inhabitants
09 Sep 2014
Coastal flood defence for Lancashire, UK
Major new flood defence scheme incorporates saltmarsh restoration to absorb wave energy
08 Sep 2014
New fauna tunnel links parts of Netherlands National Park
The Wieden and the Weerribben are finally connected to each other thanks to a new fauna passage.
03 Sep 2014
Landscape instead of construction, in times of crisis
The crisis came and prevented an investor from building a housing development on an area bought in the vicinity of the local ressort Snagov north of Bucharest. Instead, the suggestion and implementati
[
02 Sep 2014
Urban delta in Bucharest receives more attention
After being approved to be protected, the Văcăreşti delta might be subject of an international competition, and was presented as such at the Bucharest Architecture Annuale. End of Augus
[
24 Aug 2014
Vienna International Garden Show 1964 Retrospective
50 years ago the opening of the Vienna International Garden Show (Wiener Internationale Gartenausstellung, WIG 1964) was celebrated in today's Donaupark in Viennas 22nd district.
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