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28 Jul 2015
Summer in Sinaia
Peles castle
Maria Bostenaru, 2013 / CC BY
Sinaia is a mountain resort of national importance in Romania, and current developments are in line with this status. Apart of the rich architectural heritage situated in a scenic landscape, events ar
[
23 Jul 2015
150 Years Vienna Ringstrasse
Richard Stiles / CC BY
Neither Wagner's nor Tolkien's Ring - but Vienna's...
16 Jul 2015
Stop the Killing on London’s roads: Londoners campaign
Stop Killing Cyclists demo, Bank, London
Robert Holden / CC BY
Seven of the eight were women, and the biggest killer has been heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) turning left at traffic lights. 
26 Jun 2015
Bánffy castle and park as scene for events
Bánffy castle, Bonțida, Romania
Maria Bostenaru, 2015 / CC BY
This weekend the Bánnfy castle in Bonțida, near Cluj-Napoca, is scene of the Electric Castle festival, which brought this kind of festival from closed spaces into the open. End of August, th
[
23 Jun 2015
In praise of floodplains
The New Europe College in Bucharest had a conference on the heritage of water (From Riverbed to Seashore) followed by a workshop on floods, dams and dikes in modern times, the latter simultaneously wi
[
21 Jun 2015
The Danube landscape of Braila
Recently EEA grants in the filed of "Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage" have been awarded to study Braila as a shrinking city. Before, funds were availabe as
[
04 Jun 2015
Regeneration of the historical centre of Campulung
A structural funds project is in execution for restoration of the public park "Merci", the park of the former bathes in Campulung (to be transformed in research centre for traditional architecture) an
[
03 Jun 2015
New website:
The objective of the new website is to keep up a collaborative discourse on the future of the Colentina Lakes Chain which may eventually lead to the formation of a stable organisation or association
[
03 Jun 2015
Landscape setting for landscape workshops
Vasile Golescu studied landscape related disciplines in France, and built a villa with an exquisite garden in the foreland of the Carpathian mountains in Romania about 100 years ago. Few years ago bot
[
30 May 2015
50 years I.O.R. park in Bucharest
I.O.R. park (also known as Alexandru Ioan Cuza park or Titan park) is one of the significant parks from the Socialist time in Bucharest. Designing the park started 1965 and it was finished 1970. The p
[
28 May 2015
LE:NOTRE Institute eLectures in June
Upcoming LE:NOTRE Institute eLectures will be held online on June 1st, 8th and 15th!

27 May 2015
The European Capital of Culture – 30th anniversary
This year the European Capital of Culture celebrates its 30th anniversary with the 2015 capitals Mons in Belgium, and Pilsen in Czech Republic, while the 2019 capitals have just been announced.
18 May 2015
One Afsluitdijk | many stories
Major dutch dam 'Afsluitdijk' will be turned into a rich and endless source of stories relating to safety, ecology, sustainability and experience.
15 May 2015
Celebrating Hungarian Landscape Architecture
For two days earlier this month, Budapest was buzzing with an international landscape architecture crowd viewing 150 linear meters of the best of Hungarian and other Central European landscape archite
[
15 May 2015
Online Documentation of the LE:NOTRE Student Competition
The first LE:NOTRE Institute student competition aimed to support integrated approaches to the urban and peri-urban landscape. Multidisciplinary student teams elaborated planning and design proposals
[
15 May 2015
Park and cultural activities as extension to shopping
Open air public spaces are more and more replaced by malls in Romania. In this view, Palas mall Iasi is a happy exception, where the developer chose to create a park around one of the monuments in cen
[
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